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I don’t have any clever or inspiring words today, and this candle is all I could manage to paint last night.

There I was, 16 years old; my mother had passed three years prior.  I had no parental guidance, and any “parenting” I did receive was in the form of threats, physical violence, and criticism.  My father was an alcoholic with so many of his own demons. I was shy and often had thoughts of wanting it all to end, even if that meant dying. I was a child. I didn’t know how to help myself, and there wasn’t anybody who reached out to help. My closest friends had given up on me. They were children too. They didn’t know how to help me. (more…)

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Things are rarely as they appear to be, and our spiritual growth is no exception. There have been times when I thought I might be regressing when it eventually became clear that I was making tremendous progress. (more…)

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Out of the Darkness

There was a period in my life that was extremely dark; I can only describe it as a period I would have never thought one could walk through and live to tell about it. There wasn’t one area of my life that wasn’t getting battered by hurricane-force winds. All I could do was just hang on. I was in the proverbial dark night of the soul.


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Just breathe…

The peace we find today, in this moment, is tomorrow’s blessings.

I know it can seem like worry will protect us and keep us safe, but does it? Does it ever? I’ve found that the trust and peace I find today, free from worry, brings a fresh, new, and beautiful tomorrow. (more…)

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“What’s my purpose?” you might ask. Your purpose is to shine! (more…)

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New tomorrows…

New tomorrows are never found by dragging yesterday into another day. They are found to the degree that I’ve allowed room for new beginnings today. I cannot expect a fresh tomorrow when I cling to the past today.

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Like many, I experienced many deep challenges from a very young age. I searched everywhere for some sense of solace but never found anything lasting. (Even temporary respites were rare).


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Doing nothing…

I was a professional fine artist for many years. I discovered that one of the most important parts of painting was when I sat back and looked like I was doing nothing. It was when I waited and simply observed that ideas would come–I could see the next step. The paintings were a mess if I tried just forging ahead, doing, doing, doing. Although occasionally, paintings did just pour out. 

Painting taught me so much about life. It taught me how to listen within and that there’s so much beauty within each of us waiting to pour out if we are willing to step aside and allow it. I didn’t know how to paint. I couldn’t teach anyone how to paint because Jane didn’t do it. Jane stepped aside and allowed what wanted to come out into expression. 

Painting and writing have been a couple of the particular forms of expression I’ve been led to, but these may not be how you are led. It doesn’t matter what the form of expression is; what matters is the experience of that which inspires us. It’s here that we find true joy. The form can be anything–and it doesn’t have to be something we “make a living” at. This is really the least of it.

The important thing is to follow what feels even a little bit joyful. Not merely pleasurable…joyful, and you’ll be led from there. This is important “me-time.”  It can be anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s gardening, sewing, crossword puzzles, dancing, knitting, headstands, or knitting while doing handstands. The feeling of joy is what matters, not the form it takes. Even if it’s just the slightest twinge.

You’ll know if it’s joy when it doesn’t matter to you if you get anything by doing it. It won’t matter if others acknowledge how great you are or not, whether anyone even sees it, or whether you receive payment for it. The joy is the payment. You might receive all these things and more at some points, but it’s the joy that moves you. 

Years later now, I feel that if I spend too much time in general doing, doing, doing, that I wasted time because too often, I’ve seen that it’s in quality time doing nothing that everything (that truly matters) gets done. It’s the place where inspiration is born. 

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We can be so afraid of the unknown. We sometimes even cling to the most terrible things because we believe it’s still better than the unknown. (more…)

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Got wings?

It can take a lot of work to finally see, really see, you never were a caterpillar. I won’t say that learning to see this is always easy, but I do know that all effort in this direction is worth it. (more…)

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