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Butterfly language…

We’re all destined to speak our true butterfly language, but some still need to go through the chrysalis of change before they understand butterfly. The caterpillar simply has no reference point for the language of the butterfly. However, our culture allows little room for not knowing, and many think they know what they still need to learn. (more…)

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Learning to fly!

Gut feelings, inner guidance, inner wisdom, intuition, inner GPS, instincts, a 6th sense, and the Holy Spirit are just a few terms given for the inner knowing that guides us and that we can always trust to lead us in the very best way. It has a much larger perspective we simply can’t see through human awareness. The more we listen to it, the more we see that we can trust it, and the clearer it becomes. (more…)

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Travel light…

I started PSP&Co. in 2013 during a period that I can only describe as so dark that I would have never thought someone could walk through it and live to tell about it. I’ve had a lot of deep challenges in my life, but this one, this one, was unlike anything I thought possible. It was a spiritual tsunami that left every aspect of my life in a big pile of tiny shards with no hope of being glued back together. “So what now?” was the only question left to ask. (more…)

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Letting go…

Here’s an exercise I found very helpful many years ago that I invite you to try for yourself.

Sit down, close your eyes and get quiet. Imagine that you have a pile of responsibilities, burdens, and regrets sitting next to you. In front of you is a brilliant all-loving light a short distance away.

Pick up each specific person, thing, circumstance, or condition and carry it to the outstretched arms of this all-loving light. It does not matter if it’s a big or a very little thing. It does not matter what it is, how long ago, or whether it’s some concern for the future or a past regret. Include them all in your pile.

Say something like this as you carry them all one by one to the light: “I can’t take care of this. I was mistaken. I never could, and neither did you expect me to. I trust this to you. You have been waiting for me to give it to you.”

Make sure you also carry all those you love, feel responsible for and worry about, and place them in this light. Believe me, they will be in much better hands.

Sidenote: make sure you have a fresh box of tissues nearby.

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Resting is so much more than not doing anything or not moving; it’s a sense of trusting and stepping aside. It’s resting in the loving arms of the Infinite and trusting that we are safe and always cared for.

I must warn you: if you don’t want to have indescribably beautiful experiences, a sense of never being alone, and a deep sense of peace and joy, don’t practice doing nothing. Stay very, very busy. Wink.

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There have been periods when I had nothing–no money, no home, no car, no job–and other times when I had what would be considered a whole lot. In both of these, I have had a sense of true peace and happiness at times and have felt miserable at other times. I feel exceedingly grateful that I’ve experienced both ends of this stick because I know it’s not where I am on the stick that brings happiness, whether it’s the “good” side or the “bad” side, but in rising above the stick altogether.

A long time ago, my mantra became: If you’re not happy where you’re at, you won’t be happy where you’re going. I continue to discover that happiness is not found in perfect circumstances but in seeing perfection in all circumstances. It’s rather like an enormous puzzle; if I were to look at just one piece of the puzzle or even a few, the puzzle won’t be clear or make sense. I have to rise really high above this vast puzzle, but when I do, I can see how each and every piece is perfectly placed and forms an ineffably beautiful picture.

How do you do this when grim circumstances seem to press in? The only way I have found is by learning to get quiet and look within. It takes practice, and it can take a lot of effort sometimes, but once you glimpse at the peace found there right in the midst of darkness, you’ll need no convincing that it’s worth the effort.

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Your permission slip…

It’s okay to rest. Just in case you need a permission slip.

Occasionally I get comments about the color of Princess Sassy Pants’ hair or skin. These aren’t random characters. PSP is fashioned after me, and Prince Pup is my little Maltese.

PSP&Co. began as a journal of sorts; much of it are lessons I have learned since I began having profound spiritual experiences many years ago. I don’t go nearly as deep as these experiences have taken me, as this is not the forum for that…and so much is beyond words.

Everyone is included in these experiences, no matter their hair color, skin color, gender, or any other seeming physical differences. Their whole basis is the truth of Oneness–and what is one is the same, regardless of how it might appear. This is seen through a sort of spiritual vision and not with the eyeballs.

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Inner strength…

Never give up. It does not matter how big the storm is or how long the winds have been blowing; there is a strength within that is greater. There’s a light within that shines away all darkness. The key is to look within. You might have to dive really deep to find it sometimes, but it’s there. It’s always there. No. Matter. What.

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I started meditating many years ago during yet another very challenging period. I had tried everything and had looked under every rock for some sense of solace and found none. I had no idea what I was doing when I began; all I knew was that the only place I hadn’t looked was within and that I had nothing to lose by trying. Maybe due to the desperation I felt, or perhaps it was some other reason that I have no knowledge of, but the first time I attempted meditating, I had a profound experience and knew that this is where I would find the answers I longed for. I haven’t found a remedy to anything better than getting quiet and listening within. (more…)

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Wings not required…

Angel messages are everywhere–a little nudge, detours, and roadblocks when necessary. But we’re like little children who sometimes run ahead of their guardians, thinking they know the way. Most of my problems (if not all) were when I forged ahead, believing I could be my own guide instead of listening for direction.

I might just be slow, but I’ve found it takes a lot of practice to recognize I don’t know, step back, and let Wisdom lead the way. It has been worth every tiny effort.

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