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More weirdness…

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And sometimes we need to take our own advice. Wink. (more…)

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Stay weird!


I’ve been so crazy busy with the new house that I haven’t had much time to write for a while. We’re making progress but it slow.
I’ve finally been able to sneak away to my studio on occasion to do some painting and have been having fun ordering some quirky furniture pieces, art and accessories for the house. I found images on line of seating shaped like sheep. The artist in me jumped for joy. My happy heart was crushed to find out that these pieces were a collection that sold for 7.75 million dollars at auction. Oopsie. I searched and found replicas. So now we have a grazing adult sheep on the way that will act as a bench for the baby grand piano and a young sheep stool with it’s head up that will sit in front of the piano. Baaaaa!


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Furry tail art lover.

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Not okay?


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