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Hello Weekend!


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I’m grateful for…


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Move at your own speed…


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Weird is the new wonderful!


Yesterday’s post announced some details about the book reprint and other surprises in case you missed it! Yay! So grateful to all of you for all of your support!



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Coming soon! Yay!

The Book and Other Goodies are Coming Soon!

The reprint of Princess Sassy Pants & Co.’s Tangled Twinkle will be ready for preorder soon! It got some tweaking so it’s even more delightful than the first printing! There will be the cutest gratitude journal and a special set of Christmas cards available too!

We’ve been working umteen hours a day getting all these goodies ready for y’all.   The Princess is exhausted and her tiara is seriously tangled. (Her fairy godmother quit a while back and went to work for the Kardashians.)

Printed & Bound in the USA

We worked very hard in order to get the book printed and bound in the USA.  It’s finally scheduled to go to press the end of next week and should be able to start taking preorders within the next couple of weeks. Yay! 

Book Giveaway Contest

We will be holding a contest soon giving away a couple of autographed books from the sold out first printing (from The Princess’s personal stash).  Keep an eye out for announcements!

Book Signing

We’re also working on a special book signing event that will take place in Birmingham Michigan in December.  Get ready to grab your tutu and join us! 

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned! This is the best place to get updates as both Facebook and Instagram seriously restricts who sees what…bah humbug! 


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Today’s big plans…


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Hello Autumn!


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