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Hang in there…

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I have gotten stuck in how I think things should have been and how they shouldn’t. Many of us have ideas of how life is supposed to look and how people in various roles in our lives should act, but I’ve found that this often leads to deep disappointment and despair. (more…)

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I’m going to deep dive a little here this morning. If this makes zero sense to you, that’s okay. Don’t try to force it, but if you feel moved, just sit with it.

One of the hardest things, or rather, one of the strangest things that happens as we evolve spiritually, is that we begin to see problems as opportunities. I don’t mean this as some sort of platitude, but literally and sincerely.

It can sometimes take a minute for me to see this when problems arise, but then it’s like something flips inside, and I see things from what seems like a completely opposite perspective. It’s like a little click takes place within that clears the clouds away. What I see then is always unexpected, fresh, and new. The unknown becomes known.

These things we call problems are like false concepts that bubble to the surface of the movie called our lives for only one purpose–to be healed. They suggest something that isn’t true, but that seems very true. Just like it looks like the world is flat, that the trees die in the winter, and the many other suggestions in the world appear to be true but aren’t.

The truth is always that we are one and are indescribably beautiful and innocent in this shared oneness, however much it might appear otherwise. These “problems” that would always suggest that this is not the truth are opportunities because they would show us where we have denied this eternal beauty in ourselves and others, and now have another opportunity to choose again.

Don’t worry about how to do this. In fact, the more we can become comfortable with the idea that we don’t need to know how, the more clear it all becomes.

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This place is a zoo!

It can certainly look like some people are anything but a blessing. When I am willing to open myself up to the idea that everything is a blessing in some way, I find my greatest challenges often transform into the greatest blessings.

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Kindness matters…

A long time ago, I read a story about a man who was miserable and knew he needed to make a change. He decided to look for something good in everyone he met. That morning a man walked into his business who had clearly not bathed in quite some time. The businessman struggled to find something good in him but noticed his shoelaces were beautifully and perfectly tied. He talked with the man while focusing on his shoelaces. (more…)

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Furry friends…

Our pup friends are such wonderful teachers. We can really learn a lot from them about how to treat one another.

Could you imagine if we greeted one another as our dogs do? With such joy and appreciation? It doesn’t matter if we leave for five minutes or for hours, our pups greet us like they haven’t seen us in years. (I don’t think I can wiggle my booty like they do though. Wink.)

I’ve wanted to paint a fried egg for a while now. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

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Press pause…

Gratitude is like magic; it opens our eyes to see the beauty all around us. The beauty is always there, but we are often too busy in our heads and our stories to notice. (more…)

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I’m sitting here this morning, thinking about the inward journey. Pioneering the inner depths is both magnificent and challenging, and is unlike anything I could have ever imagined.


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Seeking and finding…

True story. Perhaps the only true story there is and ever has been.

In order to find something, you have to look to where it actually is. 

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I’m taking a much-needed day of meditation, rest, reading, and reflection. I love do-nothing-days. All the important things get done.

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