Not important?

Hello Autumn!

Sorry! I had this ready to go and forgot to press the publish button yesterday! I’ve been super busy and probably got interrupted and forgot to come back to it! Oopsie!

A little kindness…

Yesterday’s ruckus…

I was going to respond yesterday to all the ruckus but wanted to get quiet within. There are going to be disagreements with others in life as we all have a unique vantage point from which we see things. What I have found is that if I consciously look for how we are alike, I am able to see others through eyes of compassion and understanding rather than conflict. Someone might have very differing views from me but deep down they are just trying to find a sense of peace and happiness just like I am.

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I ask no favor…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I honestly don’t know if there’s anything more important that we can “do” than to learn how to get quiet and listen within.


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