Sometimes when I feel an overwhelming sense of loss and feel like I don’t know what do to in life, I stop, remind myself there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change the past but I can heal from it. I can find a sense of peace and direction in this moment, right now. I then ask within, “What now?” Two simple words that I don’t need to first have the answers to and THEN be led. I am reminded that the best place I can be is to NOT think I have the answers because then I am open to being led by a wisdom far greater than my understanding.

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Monsters and miracles…


There’s a place of perfect peace within each of us. This is the place of magic and miracles. I have experienced many, many miracles over the years (seemingly impossible things) and the way I’ve learned to release them is by looking away from how things APPEAR and finding the place of peace within. It can be challenging to look away from some of the monsters in life that can seem so scary. It can feel like we really need to fight them, hide or run from them, but just like shadows in the dark, these monsters only SEEM frightening until the light of peace shines upon them.

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There is something so strange in the air lately and it seems like so many people are trying to get my tutu into a twist. And since my unicorn hasn’t shown up yet to fly me somewhere over the friggin’ rainbow, I’m going to have to try a different approach.

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I don’t have a free minute right now and am feeling very overwhelmed. On top of that, one very strange thing after another keeps popping up out of nowhere, leaving me scratching my head. As I sit here preparing for yet another really crazy day ahead, I wanted to post the unicorn image again today (because he hasn’t shown up yet to carry me over the friggin’ rainbow), but decided to post this instead.

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