Time to blossom…

Whatcha planting?

March on!

Happy Day!

Pucci Poo and I want to wish all y’all a very happy Sunday and thank everyone for all of your kindness and support. (I’m not from the South but I love the phrase “all y’all.”) XOXO

Don’t be afraid…

Sorry…Toadally couldn’t resist. xo

Feeling a little stuck?


As I look upon a beautiful bouquet of flowers I wonder if a little flower seed is aware. Is it afraid as it begins sprout? Continue Reading »

Beauty everywhere?

I learned many things as a fine artist for many years–many things that apply to life in general. I painted primarily in a more realistic style applying thin layers of oil paint in order to achieve depth and brilliance. This takes time. Paintings unfold and always seem to go through stages where things don’t looking very good. Continue Reading »