To do, or not to do?

I had worked so hard to put myself through undergraduate school and was in grad school when I began to see a pattern: I saw that I would repeatedly put on my bull horns and head in a direction, giving it all I had, but every time they would end up the same, slipping through my hand like sand. I found no sense of fulfillment no matter what I tried. Continue Reading »

Trust and hope…

I know it’s hard to hold onto hope when you’re deep in the trenches, but don’t ever give up. I’ve seen things turn around in ways that are nothing but miraculous in my own life, Continue Reading »

Look within…

I started meditating many years ago during yet another very challenging period. I had tried everything and had looked under every rock for some sense of solace and found none. Continue Reading »

Secret trick…

These are the only calories I’ve been burning lately. 

What now?

I experienced a period where so many challenging things happened at once that I went into a sort of shock. Continue Reading »

Let them fall…


Joy on the journey!

I have been looking for the lessons in a recent experience I had. We spent a few years building something, and much of the time, it was a pretty painful experience. We recently decided to sell it (at a loss) before we were able to use it. One of the lessons I’ve discovered Continue Reading »

Always shining…

I know there are times when this can seem very far from the truth. Here is the secret I discovered: Continue Reading »

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