Now if they could only finish unpacking for me too.

Feeling lost?


It’s often when we feel lost and thrown off balance that we stop and look for alternatives. As much as this can be scary and disconcerting, these times can be our greatest opportunity.

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Weird is wonderful.


The light within…


It’s been another crazy week trying to settle in and unpack in the new house. I was able to sneak away for a much needed break and have dinner with my dear friend Elaine one evening. (Hi Elaine.) I plan on moving at a little slower pace today.
I’m sitting in my office right now with a snoozin’ pup on each end of the sofa. They are as far away from each other as they can get and still be close to me. They seem to be adjusting to their new house. The little one has been having great fun nipping at the toes of all the contractors. He is a handful! Five pounds of feisty!
Have a beautiful Saturday.

Thank you.


I’ve seen a lot of things through what some call prayer. I’ve had profound experiences, have been healed of many things, and have seen others healed. I don’t really call it prayer and haven’t for some time. There are so many ideas and preconceived notions attached to some of these words that I don’t find helpful, but for the purposes of discussion, I’ll refer to it as prayer for now.

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I find such a deep sense of solace in this idea. I know this is true. I’ve seen it too many times.
Years ago all doors closed in my life so that I had nowhere to live except one place…dad’s house. (My mother passed when I was thirteen after a long illness.) My relationship with my father was a challenging one so the idea of living with him was not particularly high on my list. I had been having very profound spiritual experiences for years at this point, and although my feelings toward my dad had softened, I still didn’t want to live with him. I felt like this was backward move and was very perplexed by it.

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