Life’s threads…

When I go within and begin to see with more clarity, I can often see the past through different eyes; I often see how everything served the purpose of helping me to awaken to the spiritual truth, however much it may not have looked that way at the time.

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Today is your canvas…

I was a professional fine artist for many years, and when I was painting, the times it looked like I was doing nothing was when most of the work was being done. The biggest part was sitting back and casually observing the canvas at various points. Not trying to figure anything out but allowing the next step to show itself to me. Applying the paint to the canvas was secondary, albeit the observable part of the work. Continue Reading »

I’m planning my day. I’ve been up for hours, and I’m ready for a nap…seizing will have to wait.

Right now…

It may not look like it at times, but this is always true. Right here and right now.

(Whisper) Don’t tell my fairy godmother I said this, but you don’t even need a fairy godmother; you’ve had the power all along.

Celebrate today…

I know how hard it can be to let go. No matter how much we hear it, it doesn’t seem to help us release our tight grasp on so many things. We know we need to do it, but how?

I cannot say this enough: We do not need to know how to do something that we still need to learn how to do. We just need to recognize that doing it serves us and that we really want to do it. The “how” will begin to show up. The key is to see that it’s what we want, even in the tiniest measure; we need to see that hanging on doesn’t serve us.

It’s the craziest thing: We often believe that we are supposed to know how to do everything, and when we don’t know, we tend to panic, feel helpless, and often think something is wrong with us. How could we know how to do something we’ve never done before? How could we already know something completely new to us?

I find it helpful to remind myself of this often. I will look straight at the situation or circumstance and say, “I don’t know what to do or how to see this differently, and that’s okay. I want to learn. I am willing to learn, and that’s all I need to do.” I trust that I will be led by the wisdom that lives in all of us. I’ve actually come to see that not knowing is better because now I’m in a position to learn, grow and have a different experience than what I found in the past. 

One thing I’ve noticed: When I do this, it never looks like I imagined it would. It can’t; otherwise, it would have been something I already knew. It’s always new and different because it’s something I didn’t already know. 

New seasons…

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons; the beauty in change is so evident, and as the trees release their leaves, blanketing the ground with color, I am always reminded of the importance of letting go. Continue Reading »

Everyone has faith. Every time I sit in a chair, I have faith that it will hold me up. It’s not wishcraft or blind faith; it’s based on my many experiences of sitting in chairs.

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