I was shaking my head so much yesterday reading some of the comments on the day’s post in the Princess Sassy Pants private facebook group that my tiara kept flying off! At the risk of having to permanently super glue my tiara on I’m going to share a little more of my experiences today.

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I generally avoid using the word God because there are so many preconceived ideas associated with the word that it can make it difficult to reach the experience of what that word represents. Years ago I felt like the word was interfering with me reaching a deeper, direct experience.

While in meditation, I asked for another word that might help me move past some of the limited concepts associated with the word to a deeper experience. As I sat quietly listening, I “heard” the gentle voice that I’ve come to know and trust say, “The Everything.”

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For a very long time I’ve looked at my life like a laboratory. I take ideas and test them in my lab (my life) to see if there’s any merit to them. I seek to go beyond just words to actual experience.

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Imagine you are driving down a busy New York City street. The tall buildings that surround you in all directions limit your view to just the street in front of you. The only tools you might have to make decisions about your route is this very limited perspective. Now imagine you are wearing a headset connected to a team of helicopters not only hovering far above the tall buildings, but with the ability to see how every little turn you make, and even every word you speak will affect everything and everyone…for all time.

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