Hello Autumn! Yay!






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I wrestle with my problems until I see them as opportunities to go deeper. I then use them to fuel my plunge into depths that leave me filled with gratitude for every tear. Sometimes this seems to happen quickly and sometimes it takes years. What matters is the direction and not the speed we travel. xo


I love boot weather! This is my favorite time of year–well it will be when the temps drop a little. There’s something about the crisp air, the colors and the promise of the coming holiday season that gets me all giddy inside! Most peeps hibernate in the winter. I hibernate in the summer. Oopsie.
All this aside, like many of you I have been through many challenges in life (some of which I am still experiencing). Even in the midst of them, I try to look for things I love and appreciate; I try to continue to express beauty, joy and creativity in some way.
As much as I love boots (and I do love them) this post is more about expressing the beauty, joy and creativity within each of us even in life’s storms. xo

It can feel scary but…