Christmas Magic!

You’re never too anything to believe in the magic of Christmas…or the magic that every moment holds out to us for that matter.
We notice the magical things more at Christmas because we look for them more and expect to see them more, but they are around us all the time.
(Whisper) I keep some Christmas decorations up year-round to remind me of this throughout the year. Some people might think I’m lazy about taking down my Christmas decorations, but I keep them up because I like how they look, what they symbolize, and how they make me feel. (And it makes decorating for the Christmas season a whole lot easier.) 🎄🎄🎄

Jingling and Twinkling

Like many of you, I’ve been busy with the holidays; there’s been a lot of jingling and twinkling going on over here. I woke up early this morning, so I would have some quiet time to reflect and meditate before the day’s hustle and bustle began again.

For me, this is one of the most important things I do; I simply must take time to go inward; otherwise, I feel like a flower in desperate need of water.

Give yourself permission to rest your twinkle today, even for a few minutes.

Thank you!!!

The Pup is ready to gobble ’til he wobbles! The Princess? Well, not quite there yet. I will be counting my blessings today. One of which is all of you.

A couple of days ago, I was filled with doubt about something that I’d been considering for a long time. It’s a Princess Sassy Pants book that’s been churning in my mind for some time, but one that’s a little different than anything I’ve done. I felt pretty crestfallen. Could I do it? Was I even good enough to pull this off? Maybe I’ve been lying to myself. Does what I do really help anyone? Continue Reading »

Not a fairy tale…

As I sit here this morning, waves of gratitude wash through me and leak out my eyeballs. I’m a crier and this morning is no different than most. Seriously, I have to buy tissues in large bulks; I go through them so fast.

I want to remind you of your inestimable value. You don’t have to do anything or be anything in particular in order to be lovable and worthy. You are. You just are, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Continue Reading »

There’s always more, and when we focus on getting more too much, it can be like the proverbial carrot that we never reach. Satisfaction isn’t found in seeking more; Continue Reading »

It might be time to sprinkle more gratitude if you’re feeling crappy (and even if you’re not). It’s a conscious practice and one that can be done in any situation and at any time with guaranteed results. We only have to ask ourselves if we want to feel more peace, joy, happiness, hope, and a deeper sense of fulfillment and connectedness because that’s the result of gratitude.

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This is always true, no matter how it might seem. One way to see it is by acknowledging it in others and being willing to express it ourselves. The beautiful thing is that we don’t have to know how or what that should look like; we only need to be willing to lay aside the false idea that we are weak in the tiniest measure. This allows the strength in us all to shine through that crack.

A situation that needs our strength has been brought to my attention by a friend in Arizona. She has been helping a fabulous group faced with a monumental task. A large group of wild horses is being rounded up for no good reason. Some have been murdered, and others are being sent to auction, many of which will be sold for their meat–mamas and babies, sisters and brothers.

This group has been racing to these auctions, buying them, and looking to place them in good homes. They are also building fencing and structures on a large parcel of land to create a sanctuary.

Please follow the link below and do what you can. Every little bit helps. We are strong together.


In need of help.

No pressure but a friend of mine in Arizona alerted me to an urgent situation there. There is a large herd of wild horses that the powers that be are rounding up (for no apparent reason). Some have been killed and others (mothers and babies) are being auctioned off. Apparently, some of them are then transported over the border for meat. This group has been going to the auctions to buy the horses and then work to place them in good homes. They are in the process of putting a fence around large parcels of land to relocate as many horses as they can and are in need of funds.

If anyone feels moved to contribute anything, please follow the link below. As I said, no pressure but it sounds like any amount would be helpful as they are often able to buy a horse for just $100 and a mama and baby for $150. It all adds up when we work together.


Thank you…

The highest prayer that I have seen is a song of thanks. It asks for nothing in the realization that all has already been given. It’s not gratitude for things but a deep sense of fullness, completion, and joy.

This isn’t where I started; It took me a long time to reach this. I began by giving thanks Continue Reading »

Unwrap the day!

The weather has turned cold here, and I can’t wait for the snow. We’ve been very busy transforming our outdoor patio into a warm, cozy chalet experience for the winter. Continue Reading »

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