Here’s a pic of a painting I’m working on for our new house. For those that don’t know anything about my background, I was a professional fine artist for many years. I painted commissioned fine art, portraits, and murals. Continue Reading »



Change is scary for most of us. For some reason we believe that it’s going to lead us away from something we want, like, or need, and from our comfort zone. We are afraid of the unknown. Interestingly, the most profound experiences are always in the realm of the unknown. The known is always based on what we’ve experienced in the past in some way. How else would we know it? Newness must be in the unknown for it to be new. Right?

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We’re inching toward our move. The house looks like Stonehenge with pillars of boxes forming as the packers work away here (Prince Pucci has been working on biting their toes), and there’s been a flurry of activity at the new house as the builder works to finish everything in time. It’s both exciting and a huge pain in the “sass.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love, hearts and chocolate! What’s not to love? Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is everywhere and my greatest wish is for us to see it always. xo