I was painfully shy growing up. I didn’t start to break out of my shell until I was about nineteen. I remember walking down the halls in high school praying that nobody that I (kinda) knew would walk past me. If I did see someone, I would turn beet red and would become terrified about what to do. Needless to say, for this and other reasons, I hated high school as it was basically torture. People often don’t believe me when I tell them how shy I once was. (I might have swung a little too far the other way.) It’s even hard for me to imagine that I once felt this way.

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I really need to do this today. I’ve been lamenting some things lately and it’s time to let go. Sometimes when I feel like I’m having difficulty with things from the past, I remind myself that there’s not one thing I can do about what’s been, but I can ask one simple question, “What now?”
The beautiful thing is that we don’t have to have the answer to this question. In fact, the more we can recognize and accept that not only do we not know the answer but that we don’t need to, the more open we become to actually seeing the answer. In our culture, “not knowing” is often judged as weakness. Quite to the contrary, recognizing and accepting that we don’t know actually opens our heart and mind to receiving answers that we could have never imagined possible. It opens us to receiving miracles.
We don’t need to know because there’s something within us that does. With practice, we can trust this to lead us and show us whatever we need to know and to show things that “human knowing” could not even dream of. xo

Hang on…



Now if they could only finish unpacking for me too.

Feeling lost?


It’s often when we feel lost and thrown off balance that we stop and look for alternatives. As much as this can be scary and disconcerting, these times can be our greatest opportunity.

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Weird is wonderful.