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Happy New Year!

I hope to ring in the new year in my pj’s this year…if I make it to midnight.

May your heart be filled with gratitude in 2023.

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Unicorn wisdom…

A little unicorn wisdom today.

People can believe whatever they want about you, but it’s your choice to agree with them or not. (more…)

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This week’s schedule…

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still wiped out from Christmas. I’m putting “exhausted” in my schedule for tomorrow too.

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This is definitely a jammies-all-day day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you get a little quiet time today. My agenda today is to do absolutely nothing…but meditate, read, and eat some Christmas cookies and leftover mini-cakes.

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Your inner cozy…

Merry Christmas!

Prince Pucci and I refuse to come out of our little gingerbread house today; we are snuggled by the fire in our jammies, enjoying some Christmas cozy.

May there never be a box big enough to hold all the love you feel in your heart… Today and every day. This is my Christmas wish. And may you always feel your own inner cozy wherever you find yourself.

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Merry Christmas Eve. I hope everyone is fairing well in this crazy weather in the USA.

I love the snow and cold, but it’s crazy cold where I’m at! I had to take a little break to warm up, just bringing in a few packages that were delivered for Christmas. Even the snowman was trying to get in the house.

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Today’s the day!

Let’s be a little kinder to everyone today…Remember to include yourself.

I want to be determined to see through the eyes of love today. This way, kindness comes naturally and effortlessly. If I feel annoyed, I will pause for a moment and remember that this is what I really want. I may not fully succeed, but I know this is the right direction, so where I might fail, I will simply try again.
Join me? Together we CAN light the world.

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Add some twinkle…

Gratitude is like twinkle lights guaranteed to light any and all darkness. I know it can be challenging to really feel a sense of appreciation sometimes, but we don’t have to feel grateful FOR difficulties; we need only get the feeling of gratitude in the midst of them. (more…)

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Fa la la la la…

Love is singing to us in and through everything…all the time. It wants us to hear it and will never stop singing to us.
Its little song is often drowned out by the noise and busyness we fill our lives with. It can take practice to hear it, but it’s worth the effort.

Shhh…Listen for it. Once you really hear it, you will never want to hear anything else again.

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The best gifts…

Oh, anyone who knows me knows I love to give and receive gifts; just the wrapping and bows alone make my little heart sing! But the gifts that cost nothing are truly the most valuable. (Don’t tell the hubs I said that. Wink.)

These gifts don’t require a season or an occasion…and wrapping isn’t even necessary!

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