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Never lose hope…


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Just a little FYI: I am NEVER referring to “romantic love” or the “romantic heart” or a sentimental heart when I write about the heart. I am ALWAYS referring to our inner wisdom, or inner GPS–that inner Voice that is all wise and knows not only the very best way for each of us to travel, but knows how that guidance benefits everyone for all time. I know that there’s no way for me to possibly know what will serve me and everyone so I seek to defer to this inner direction, with the goal of learning how to listen to this and follow it at all times in all circumstances.


Learning to Hear

I know this can be tricky and learning how to hear this comes with practice. We have to first learn that we don’t know, so that we’re willing to ask and listen–why would we even ask if we think we know what’s best? We then have to learn that we can trust the guidance we are given. We learn this as do it and see that things work out in ways that we couldn’t possibly have done on our own and are far better than when we try to guide ourselves. The more we learn we can trust it, the more willing we are to ask–we begin to hear more often and more clearly.


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Time to Sparkle!


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Just breathe…


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Be kind…to you.


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