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Feeling broken?

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I know it can seem cliche but I wish I could touch each of you with what I see–that every single person and every single thing in our life today is an opportunity to rise to a higher sense of peace, and a greater sense of freedom and of joy! And I DO mean everything, including all the things that we wish we could change, run from or get rid of. In fact, the more they rub us the wrong way in any capacity, the greater the gift they are trying to bring us if we are able to see them in the right light.
In Luke chapter 11 in the Bible Jesus says if our children asked for bread we certainly wouldn’t give them a stone, or a serpent instead of fish, or a scorpion instead of an egg. He points out that we would never to do this even with our very limited understanding. So doesn’t it make sense that if we ask pure Love, God, for spiritual food–understanding, clarity, peace, joy, a deep sense of safety and surety of purpose–or what might be called the Holy Spirit, or the EXPERIENCE of Love, wouldn’t that request be gladly granted?
The beautiful thing is that we can look on absolutely everything in our life each day and ask to see, to EXPERIENCE, the “bread” that is being offered to us in every single person, situation, circumstance and thing, no matter how it might appear. It can certainly seem like we are being offered a stone, a serpent or a scorpion, but things are seldom as they appear and we can stand fast in the idea that “this too MUST be bread” regardless of how something might seem.
We’ve all had experiences where we walk into a darkened room, for example, and think we see an intruder but realize it’s a shadow or a coat rack. We KNOW that the road doesn’t actually come together in the distance so we don’t stop the car for fear that we won’t fit or get out 0f the car because there’s “water on the road.” There’s not one time that we’ve been concerned that all the trees are dead in the winter time even though they appear to be, because we see through the appearance.
I don’t know if anyone remembers the Magic Eye or 3D images that were so popular in the 70’s. They look like some sort of abstract pattern if you just look at them on the surface but if you look THROUGH the image, a three dimensional image of a turtle or a car or something of that nature is revealed. Everything we are presented with each day is like a Magic Eye image that if we can learn to look THOUGH it to the “bread” that is promised, we see a blessing where once we thought we were being given a stone…or a boulder.

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When winds blow…


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Just breathe…


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Something to do today…


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Best buds…


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A little kindness…

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Hello Autumn!


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Thank you!!!


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No matter what…


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