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Time to Sparkle!


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Just breathe…


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Be kind…to you.


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I know this can seem like just a silly post but, as always, there’s more to it than might appear at first glance.

When I’ve felt most challenged, I found when I looked for anything (and I do mean anything), that brought the slightest tinge of joy and laughter, it was as though I could feel a little part of me healing.  I started looking for television shows that made me laugh or gave me the slightest chuckle, and payed close attention to anything that that sparked the teeniest bit of joy.  Each and every time I laughed, I felt a little bit of healing taking place.  I was in the flames and this was the only thing that seemed to help so I became determined to look for these opportunities wherever I could.   The healing didn’t come in an instant like it has at other times in my experience, but I could feel it happening.

It was actually while doing this very thing that I created Princess Sassy Pants & Co.  The idea came and started to play with it.  It made me giggle and sometimes laugh out loud, so I did it all day, every day. I didn’t have one idea what might come of it, if anything, and this really wasn’t even the focus. Soon different people started coming into my experience who made suggestions about creating a facebook page and how to do that, as well as other ideas.  As soon as I started sharing her, I could see that the thing that was helping me to heal, was also speaking to others’ hearts and she took off in a way I had never planned.

So a little image about cute boots amidst life’s challenges might appear to some as silly or trite, but to me, silly and light-hearted ideas played a major part in my healing of one of the most challenging periods of my life.  It was a time that I can only describe as one where I would have never thought someone could walk through what I walked through and live to tell about it. It was certainly difficult, and I had to walk through it, so why not wear cute boots? Wink.

Never forget to laugh.

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It can certainly look like some people in our life are anything but a blessing, but things are seldom as they appear. Once I am willing to open myself up to the idea that everything is a blessing in some way, I’ve found that those who are my greatest challenge transform into the greatest blessings–If I’m willing to look for it and determined to see it.


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