Gone fishing…

I had deep feelings of despair from a very young age. I looked everywhere and in everything to find some sense of solace, but my despair only deepened. Only after I began to look within did I find an indescribable sense of peace.

I realized that nobody and nothing could have ever given me what I was searching for because Continue Reading »

Here’s the thing: To believe in yourself, have a sense of self-worth, and love yourself, you first need to know what and who your self is. None of us is who and what we have believed ourselves to be; we are all so much more beautiful than we can even fathom. (And I am not referring to a reflection in the mirror.)

Go within and Continue Reading »

There certainly doesn’t seem to be a shortage of opinions in the world, and the most fervently held and vocalized beliefs often surround spirituality and religion.

I began to have very profound spiritual experiences many years ago, and over the years, I’ve come to see clearly that the deeper I go, the more I realize how much I don’t know. These things must be experienced; we can’t Continue Reading »

The end?

When we hold onto what needs to fall away and keep looking in the rearview mirror, we miss the new blossoms coming into view.

There are always new blossoms, but we can’t see them when we’re looking in the opposite direction.

It always seems like we need to get something “out there” to make us happy and draw something to ourselves. However, this places us at the mercy of everything “out there” and can lead to frustration and a sense of powerlessness.

The good news is that we actually experience what we Continue Reading »

Yay for May!

It’s the first day of May, and I’m going to share an exercise with you that might be a little challenging.

We often believe that we need to be loved or get something to be happy, but the truth is that what we give and extend brings us happiness, not what we get. Likewise, the pain we feel is the pain of withholding or being unwilling to give.

Many years ago, there was a person who I thought deeply hurt me. One night it came to me to do this exercise so that I might be free from the pain I was feeling. Continue Reading »

You are incomprehensibly beautiful and precious…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We can forget this and cover it up with many stories about what we are, but Continue Reading »

Knock! Knock!

Babies cry when matches are pried from their chubby little fingers. Well, I’m sometimes that baby. I’ve learned that sometimes a path that I think is great is really a dead-end or one that would take me straight off a cliff. Like the baby, I have cried when that door slams in my face.

It’s not always easy as we Continue Reading »

There were six kids in ​my​ family​ growing up​–three girls and three boys. I am the youngest girl. ​One of my sisters was always working towards some goal​ from a very young age. ​Everything centered around the goal. She was miserable in the process and made everyone miserable around her.

I remember thinking that ​it would be better once she achieved the goal. But alas, Continue Reading »

Life’s detours…

We all have ideas of what we need, what we want, and what will make us happy. The problem with our ideas isn’t that we ask too much but that we ask too little.

I’m never referring to things or being greedy. The things are the least of it and automatically follow Continue Reading »

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