No matter the storm, a light is always shining within you. I know this doesn’t seem true sometimes, but it also looks like the trees die in the winter, the sun is swallowed by the ocean at night, and many even believed the world was flat for a very long time.

Just because something seems true doesn’t necessarily mean it IS true. And the more we go within and learn to look past the noise, the more we begin to see the beautiful, eternal light that is now and always has been shining. Its light has never been dimmed by one single storm.


I have eaten, say, the whole bag of potato chips so that I would stop eating them. Oops.

I’m in trouble this year, though. Every Christmas, someone in my family gifts me a huge quantity of something. One year it was a big bin of little taco bell sauce packets (I used all of them). This year my stepdaughter gave me 14 pounds of peppermint bark chocolate sheets! Even I can’t eat that much. I don’t know how to get rid of this one.

Leave a comment, and you might be the lucky winner of 14 pounds of peppermint bark chocolate. (Just kidding.)

Stepping into 2023…

Happy New Year!

The secret is this: However you want to see yourself, see others through that light. If you want kindness, give kindness. If you want love, give love. Whatever you want for yourself, give that to others, and you will find yourself basking in the light of what you gave.

We are One. What you give to others, you are giving to yourself. What you give to yourself, you give to all. Be determined to look on everyone with kinder, gentler eyes in 2023, and you WILL see yourself in that same light.

Happy New Year!

I hope to ring in the new year in my pj’s this year…if I make it to midnight.

May your heart be filled with gratitude in 2023.

Unicorn wisdom…

A little unicorn wisdom today.

People can believe whatever they want about you, but it’s your choice to agree with them or not. Continue Reading »

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still wiped out from Christmas. I’m putting “exhausted” in my schedule for tomorrow too.

This is definitely a jammies-all-day day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you get a little quiet time today. My agenda today is to do absolutely nothing…but meditate, read, and eat some Christmas cookies and leftover mini-cakes.

Your inner cozy…

Merry Christmas!

Prince Pucci and I refuse to come out of our little gingerbread house today; we are snuggled by the fire in our jammies, enjoying some Christmas cozy.

May there never be a box big enough to hold all the love you feel in your heart… Today and every day. This is my Christmas wish. And may you always feel your own inner cozy wherever you find yourself.


Merry Christmas Eve. I hope everyone is fairing well in this crazy weather in the USA.

I love the snow and cold, but it’s crazy cold where I’m at! I had to take a little break to warm up, just bringing in a few packages that were delivered for Christmas. Even the snowman was trying to get in the house.

Today’s the day!

Let’s be a little kinder to everyone today…Remember to include yourself.

I want to be determined to see through the eyes of love today. This way, kindness comes naturally and effortlessly. If I feel annoyed, I will pause for a moment and remember that this is what I really want. I may not fully succeed, but I know this is the right direction, so where I might fail, I will simply try again.
Join me? Together we CAN light the world.
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