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Once Upon a Time…


Once upon a time there was a recipe that was so life-changing that news of it spread quickly across the land. Poems and songs were written about this recipe that promised to fill you like no other. People gathered to rejoice about the recipe, study it, memorize it…some even argued about it.

But alas, many forgot that mere words on a page were only pointers; they actually needed make the recipe and eat it to be filled.

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Who’s there?


I sat looking at him feeling nothing but annoyed. He was getting on my last nerve and everything about him seemed to be just wrong. “Help me,” was my simple prayer in the moment.
Months before I had started having deeply profound spiritual experiences and all I wanted was to better understand what I was experiencing and to have them all the time. I suspected the seething annoyance bordering on hatred I was feeling wasn’t the way to do this.


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Have you ever heard of something for the first time, and then suddenly begin to see it everywhere? (A type of car you’ve never seen before, for example.) It’s not that these things weren’t always there to be seen, we just weren’t aware of them, and so they went unnoticed. I’ve learned to employ a similar principle when it comes to faith. (more…)

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Share your colors…


Does your life feel a little dull? Feeling like you’re living in black and white? When we look for ways to shine color into the life of others, our own life is painted in new and more vibrant hues! The beauty we give is always given to ourself, and the love we extend to others, is the very love that will fill the emptiness in our own heart.
Regardless of how it might appear, all that we give, is given to ourself, for that which appears as another, is our self. We can never be left with less by giving. Likewise, we give to others when we give to ourself–when we care for our self, and are willing to listen to and follow the whispers of our heart’s joy.

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Surf’s up!

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