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A “little” coffee?


Some days there aren’t cups big enough. xo

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Once upon a time…


There’s a place of great beauty in YOU. Always. Going back to resting now. xo

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Today’s forecast…


These are the only things on the schedule today for the Pup and I.  Happy Saturday! Zzzzzzz

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Thank you all for your support both here and on Facebook!  The Boo and I are still chilling–he’s lying next me right now in bed, spread eagle on his back and taking up at least one half of the bed.  (How a ten pound dog can use half of a king sized bed still amazes me and defies physics!)  We have zero plans for the next couple of days and I love it! The only thing I’ve loosely placed on the agenda is to read a book I’ve wanted to read for some time but naps might win out. 😉  Thank you again and STAY WEIRD!

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Requesting your help.

IMG_7303 - Version 2.JPG

The Princess and her pals first appeared on Facebook in May of 2013 and she has never missed a single day since.  But the Princess is pooped and could really use a little break.  It’s very hard to take a break as the numbers on Facebook plummet when there are no new posts and it can be hard to get them back, essentially risking all the hard work from the last three plus years. I would sooo appreciate your support.  If you could go to facebook and like, comment and share the heck out of whatever I post for the next couple/few days it would help keep the numbers up and I can get some serious naps. (Wink.)  Thank you so much! xoxo

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