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Sorry, my fairy godmother is on vacation and so the links weren’t working to the website for the book.  (Can’t get good help these day!)  They’re all fixed now! Yay!

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Be Grateful…


Let’s be grateful for everything, including the blessings we haven’t seen yet!

Click here to learn about the Princess’s new book! Half the quantity has already sold!

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A Modern Fairy Tale…


And change into a onesie and fuzzy slippers!

Click here to find out about the new book! Yay!

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Go here to find out about the Princess’s new book and add a little twinkle to your life!

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Update September 24th, 2017:  This printing sold out a looong time ago.  Please see the new post dated September 24th, 2017 for information about the reprint of the book and other goodies.  Yay!  There will be information in the coming weeks as well…so make sure you’re subscribed to the blog and stay tuned! 

We’re taking pre-orders for Princess Sassy Pants & Co.’s Tangled Twinkle! It’s a hardcover, 40 page, 8 x 8 inch gift/inspiration book.  Yay!

The elves are very busy printing the book and it will be ready to ship December 15th.  It will ship Priority Mail within the USA in order to make it to your for Christmas! Yay!

We were only able to print a limited quantity for Christmas delivery.

For all you lovely peeps outside of the USA–we really tried to find some way to get the book to you for Christmas but couldn’t do it.  If you don’t need it for Christmas go to the website and look under the “shipping” tab for instructions.  Thanks for understanding…so sorry.

Autographed copies are also available–signed by both the author & the Pup!

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Excuse the mess…

I’m a little messy right now…I’m getting a little makeover.

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